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“What Would You Do?” – The Angry Black Woman Edition

So, there’s this video floating around my social media streams from the popular TV Show “What Would You Do?” This show sets up scenarios to see how regular everyday folks react to scenarios in which you would be called to help, protect or speak up for someone in need. Usually, that someone is from a marginalized group. I’ve seen clips from the...
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Love And Hip-Hop NY Is Not For The Faint At Heart

Last night, I had occasion to watch the entire premiere episode “Love and Hip Hop”, Season Four. This reality show is set in New York City and seems to still be pretty popular after three full seasons. I watched a little bit of the last season but I didn’t last long with it. It takes acts of Herculean strength to suspend THAT...
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I Love You, Skyler White.

I spent the better part of last month watching “Breaking Bad” via Netflix. I crammed the entire series into about six weeks of mini-marathon sessions because I wanted to catch up with the rest of the world in its obsession in what is arguably the very best television series that has ever existed. I had never watched the show before I pulled...
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