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Facebook F*ckery: Status Messages Gone Awry

Seriously. I can’t take ya’ll and those stupid azz status messages. For real…WTF are you all talking about? I’ve been monitoring this BS for the last couple of days, just to see if this was indeed blog-worthy and DAYUM! Your nonsensical banter has not disappointed me: ” Love is Like the Truth, Sometimes it prevails, and Sometimes it Hurts, So basically women...
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Roasting A Tarantula?? Hell Yes!

Normally, I try to support my sistas in the limelight, doing positive stuff. I listen to/watch their shows and movies, buy & read their books and the like. You know, do my part. But I swear fo’ brown Baby Jesus and 6 wise white men that ain’t a damn thing positive about this mess right here! Mo’Nique and those hairy ass damn...
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PBG: Left To Her Own Devices

OK, tonight I was hanging out after work w/some of my DC vsb.com friends. There was Dorian, Overit, 8th Wonder and Gem of The Ocean (who was visiting from Pittsburgh for a conference). Somebody chose The Layla Lounge for us to hit up, which was way cool, since it’s only 5 mins from my job and about 5 from home. After some...
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