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Windshield Spam Holleration: “This Wayne”

For real, all the weird shyt in the world happens to me and my friends. Check this out: My Very Good Girlfriend Kellie came outside yesterday to find this on her car:   Apparently, there is a guy named “Wayne” that has noticed her and thinks that leaving real-life spam on her windshield is the best way to initiate contact with a...
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Happy Birthday Kellie: It All Matters

Happy Happy Birthday to my Very Good SisterFriend, Kellie! Ya’ll know Kellie, cuz I talk about her on my blog all the time. She even has her own tag! Kellie is one of my most favorite people in the world. The story of our friendship had a very odd beginning and most of those details will never go any further than between...
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Just Say No! : A Moratorium on Married Peen

Last night I met up with my good girlfriend Kellie at Lounge of  III for karaoke. This a regular thing for me. I love the crowd, I love giving my lop-sided performances and it doesn’t hurt that Tuesdays at Lounge of II are “Tequila Tuesdays”. The tequila tells me “You really CAN get up in front of this crowd and perform “Darling...
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Compassion: Love Anyway

I was up late last night talking to my very good girlfriend Kellie via G-Chat. The conversation went from her missing her mama, who passed away 364 days ago, to the death yesterday of Amy Winehouse. These subjects and the fact that we were talking about them at 2:30am relate intimately in our hearts and minds. We were ranting and lamenting the...
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