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Book Review: “Girls A to Z” by Eve Bunting

If you didn’t already know, I’m a childcare provider in my daytime life. Over the years, I’ve been a preschool teacher, infant-toddler group care provider, private nanny, etc. I usually just use the title “Early Care and Education Specialist” to cover all those bases when people ask me what I do. Right now, I’m working for a family in my neighborhood as...
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Brown Bodies In Pink Collars

Brown Bodies in Pink Collars.  I haven’t been able to release this thought from my head in 4 days.   I’ve been thinking a lot of thoughts about the profession in which I work, since I’ve been back at work. For those who don’t know, I’m a childcare provider. Early Care and Education specialist. I work with children under the age of...
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It’s My Momaversary

My very good girlfriend Brandi, Mommy of Ayva & author of Mama Knows It All made up the word “Momaversary”. Your baby’s birthday is the anniversary of your mommyhood, so…MOMAVERSARY! Today is my Momaversary because my first born/baby/girl-child is 17 today. SEVEN. TEEN. That is absolutely incredible. It’s like I put her to bed last night in a diaper and onsie and…...
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Life Is Like A Jar of Baby Food

I’m busy this week, so there will be no new posts. I’ve got a lot of work and family stuff to handle since my kids go back to school next week. I wasn’t going to post at all, but then I remembered I had a bunch of stuff still on my old MySpace page that most people that follow my blogging now...
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My Thoughts On Lady GaGa

note: I wrote this somewhere else about 5 months ago. I just wanted to share it here. ~pbg I was talking to my kids about music before I left to go meet nOvamatic for drinks & Refuge (our weekly routine, as it seems). They were listening to the radio as I was pinning up my hair and putting on a little make...
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A Look Into The Future: Celebrity Kids' Foolery Predictions

Thanks to the celebrity foolishness served up to us daily on sites like Crunk & Disorderly, Young, Black & Fabulous and MissJia.com, there will never be a day when we can’t bask in the absurdity of the lives of those famous for acting, singing, skanktitude or absolutely nothing at all. We see their antics all over the TeeVee and throughout the blogosphere…but...
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