Dirty Pretty AncestryDNA Results!!: Nigerian Girl

Back in mid-November, I took a genetic analysis test through AncestryDNA.com. I blogged about some of my family history with which I am familiar with and the curiosity that remains despite that knowledge. I’d wanted to do this test for a number of years and finally ordered it and took it. (Click here to check the post about that process.)

Well, my results are in:

Screenshot 2014-01-06 18.35.42


Turns out that I AM Nigerian! Just like people around me had always suspected! Well, at least I’m mostly Nigerian, according to the AncestryDNA genetic estimates. 88% of my genetic material seems to have originated in Africa, and the breakdown of which countries in Africa is what you see in the picture above. 53% Nigerian!! While this is all super fascinating to me, I’m not at all surprised. Of course my people and I are from West Africa, right? LOL…So many African-Americans are. That’s American history. I’m definitely as Black as I thought I was before! Now I just need Luvvie to give me my official Nigerian name.

This part here was quite the surprise to me and my parents, once I told them:

Screenshot 2014-01-06 18.34.45


My Dad had always told us that we had an Irish relative, but here is the breakdown of the 10% of the European part of my genetic makeup. Mostly Finland and Northwest Russia, with just a tiny bit of Irish. Oh well! That too is very much American History, and according to AncestryDNA, it’s all in me!

This was a fun experiment and investigation to do. I’m pleased with the results I was given and I’ll follow the links on the AncestryDNA site to see the people that are possibly distant cousins, based on our genetic testing results. Who knows what I’ll find?



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  • EbonyLolita


  • Rae

    It’s interesting seeing the breakdown. Seeing what appears to me are Germanic features on my dad’s side I wonder how much that will make up. I need to get myself together and order a kit. LOL

  • http://taz97ut.blogspot.com Sabrina97

    I just got mine, too. Interesting that I’m not more European, based on my mother’s features…

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