Store Review: Easter Monday Field Trip to Beauty4U

I took a field trip Monday, “Easter Monday” which was the last day of Spring Break for me. I traveled to the wilds of P.G.County, Maryland (Temple Hills) to check out my very first “mega beauty supply store”. I took both Metrobus and train and made my way out to Beauty4U. My co-worker told me about this store when I asked her if she knew anywhere I could find kinky/afro-textured human hair for weaving. Because of reasons.

After trying unsuccessfully to get somebody to make this trip with me, I decided to go it alone. I just had to see this place for myself. And I did!

Beauty4U is a HUGE beauty supply store that is located in what used to a Circuit City electronics store before they folded a few years back:

Beauty4U is located at 3551 32nd Avenue Temple Hills, MD


I walked in the door and couldn’t get over how vast the space was. Not only is it very big, it’s shiny and clean. And for some odd reason, there is a white baby grand piano in there. No one was playing it…it’s just there.


It brightly lit and very well organized. All the like things were grouped together and there was a wide selection of EVERYTHING: styling tools, hair and skin products, makeup and costume jewelry. With the hair products, all the items under one brand-name where shelved together. That’s in sharp contrast to the beauty supply store that I frequent in my neighborhood, where all the products that do the same thing are displayed together. While I think that would make it easier for me to find stuff that I’m looking for, it was a wee-bit disconcerting to be looking at pomades, setting lotions and then BAM! A rogue relaxer shows up! LOL

As for their hair weave selection, it seemed to be ENDLESS. END.LESS. I really have not ever seen so much hair in one place in my life. There were so many colors, textures, lengths and brands…FROM THE WINDOWS TO THE WALLS! And they had everything from the cheapest drawstring ponytail to the kinky/afro-textured hair that I was hoping to find that was $100 per pack (I gotta save up for that hair, y’all!) There was so much hair spread out around the store, I didn’t get the impression that I’d get the special attention and help with my selections like I did when I bought wigs at Cambridge Beauty Supply last year. The sales associates/weave attendants were hard to find, but the quality of the hair I eventually checked out was pretty good.

There’s an empty salon space inside of Beauty4U so I assume at some point in the future, there will people in there doing hair.

Vacant salon space

One thing that completely PISSED ME OFF about this store is how much they jacked up the prices on the Shea Moisture products:

I'll stick to Target for this product.


Are they friggin’ kidding me?? Shea Moisture is one of my favorite hair care product lines and I pay $9.99-$11.99 for them at Target and even less when is having a BOGO sale. Beauty4U actually had the nerve to price the Shea Moisture Purification Masque at $18. Needless to say, I cussed out loud when I saw that. Hmph.

To balance that out, I discovered that Beauty4U carries the much-sought after Jamaican Black Castor Oil that seems to be very effective for stimulating hair growth in problem areas like those troublesome edges.

I use it to help thicken and grow the hair around my edges and it has worked well for me. I’ve only been able to find it online, so it was cool to actually see it in a store with a decent price.

Here’s what I got from Beauty4U:

Soap, Edge Control, gel & some cheap (but VERY GOOD) conditioner

L.A. Colors eyeshadow-VERY inexpensive but you would not believe how pigmented this stuff is. I love 'em.

Those clips & tuck combs were $1.00 each.

some basic styling tools.


In conclusion, I’d say that my trek out to P.G. County to see what’s really poppin’ at Beauty4U, the mega beauty supply store. The product selection there is amazing, they carry both major lines and small lesser-known ones and the prices are pretty good. Of course, I don’t like that it’s so far away from my neighborhood but that part would have probably been more fun if I had someone to go out there with me. I also didn’t like that it felt so “impersonal”. I’m used to the intimacy of my neighborhood beauty supply store. I’d go back, but with a friend to justify the journey.



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  • ichoosethesun

    I live in the ‘burbs and have yet to make it to dis here store but several folks have mentioned it so I shall very soon! Looks like you walked away with sizeable loot, thanks for sharing :)

  • Najeema

    This place WAS huge. Reminds me of an Ulta. And thanks for the Jamaican Black Castor Oil tip. I’m going to give that a try.

  • Lisa Coffman

    OMG..I might be driving to Beauty 4 U, this weekend.  Gotta check the hours. 

  • BlackLizLemon

    Yaaaasssssss!!!!  I love me some Beauty4U!  My girlfriends and I go and have a good time just trying on wigs, lol.  They should do a “Saturday night social” or something…play music and serve wine whilst giving hair and makeup tips.  They’d make a killing!  And yes, I loudly sucked my teefus when I saw how much they wanted for Shea Moisture.  

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