Product Review: Curl Care by Dr.Miracle’s

I was recently contacted by the Public Relations Director at Dr.Miracle’s and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing their new product line, Curl Care, for kinky/curly/wavy hair. I said “Sure”, since I am a blogger with natural hair (not a “Natural Hair Blogger”). I was provided these products free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

Here’s what Dr.Miracle’s has to say about their new Curl Care products:


Dr. Miracle’s, a leader in the ethnic hair care category, introduces Curl Care by Dr. Miracle’s, its first-ever specialty collection designed specifically to treat and maintain natural, curly, and wavy hair.

A new trend is in the air: Texture is taking over! With more than 50% of African-American women no longer chemically-relaxing their hair, and the multicultural community embracing their curly hair textures, the need for treatment and styling products designed to preserve and enhance one’s natural hair is at an all-time high.

Rocking one’s homegrown waves, curls, coils, and kinks has become more than just a widespread style preference and a money-saver when it comes to salon visits; it’s a lifestyle. When investing one’s money, time, and energy into their beauty regimen, it’s essential to receive the right tools from a brand that she knows gets the job done. That’s why Dr. Miracle’s has created a line of products guaranteed to help users get and keep long-lasting, healthy, beautiful curls. Presenting Curl Care by Dr. Miracle’s

The line boasts Dr. Miracle’s unique honey and vitamin complex formula, which is
guaranteed to help hold curls for up to 12 hours. Each Curl Care product contains natural
ingredients and oils formulated to deliver the same quality results characteristic of all Dr.
Miracle’s brand products. Key nutrients, vitamins, and proteins vital to hair health, like
Jojoba, Coconut and Safflower Oils, Aloe, and Panthenol, were also infused into each
unique formula to moisturize, condition, and define for healthy, beautiful curls.
Rehydrating Shampoo (12 Fl Oz; $9.49)—Formulated with Vitamins A, E, and Panthenol,
use this low-suds shampoo at least once a week to hydrate curls without stripping essential
Nourishing Conditioner (12 Fl Oz; $9.49)—Blended with Coconut, Jojoba and Vitamin E to
moisturize, condition and soften each curl. Use this conditioner as a follow up to our Rehydrating Shampoo.

Frizz Control Serum (4 Fl Oz; $8.99)—Rich in Vitamin A and Olive Oil, use this
lightweight, non-greasy serum to fight tough humidity and curl shrinkage while it smooths
and adds shine.
Soft Hold Crème (12 Oz; $9.49)—Formulated with Aloe to soften and improve elasticity,
use this styling crème to individually define and hold curls. Perfect for styling two-strand
twists or other natural styles.
Weightless Moisturizing Crème (8 Oz; $8.99)—Blended with Coconut & Vitamin E, use
this lightweight, fast-absorbing crème to moisturize and add a natural shine while styling
Boosting & Defining Leave In Conditioner (8 Fl Oz; $8.99)—Infused with Jojoba and
Proteins, this leave-in conditioner detangles hair into soft, bouncy curls, helping to add definition to your curls.

Curl Care by Dr. Miracle’s arrives March 2012 at local drug chains, beauty supplies stores,
and online at



I will say that the packaging of the Curl Care products is very nice. I like the logo and all that. The products come in containers that are good sized and easily stored in drawers, cabinets or on shelves.

Curl Care by Dr.Miracles, sitting pretty on my vanity


I decided to do this review properly, I would use nothing but the Curl Care products for my entire hair care regimen. I usually use products from different lines when I do my hair because rarely do I like EVERYTHING that one company makes. So I took the Hydrating Shampoo and the Nourishing Conditioner to the shower with me so I could wash/condition/detangle, which is my Step One.

My hair before Dr.Miracles' Curl Care

The Hydrating Shampoo wasn’t anything special as far as shampoo goes. I felt like my hair was clean after using it. My problems with the Curl Care products began with the Nourishing Conditioner! OMG…this stuff is so medicated, the scent almost knocked me to the floor. I’d had a stuffy nose for about three days and while I was detangling my hair, my sinuses started draining. I wondered to myself “What’s the active ingredient in this stuff, Vick’s Vapor Rub??” Not only did the product smell awful, it actually had my head burning a little bit. I felt like someone had tricked me into getting a relaxer! I was so glad to rinse that stuff out. Conditioner is not supposed to smell or feel like that. That Curl Care Nourishing Conditioner gets a big fat “F” from me.

Look at me. I look horrified. Scared for my kinks!

Close-up of the Nourishing Conditioner in my hair


After drying my hair with a T-shirt to get most of the water out, I applied the Weightless Moisturizing Crème to seal in the moisture from the water, then Boosting and Defining Leave-In Conditioner.

Curl Care Weightless Moisturizing Creme


Boosting and Defining Leave-In Conditioner

These products weren’t so bad, except they too have the same heavy medicated smell. I don’t like that all. Healthy hair doesn’t smell like medicine. I think they’re really taking the whole “Dr.Miracles” thing too literally. I don’t want my hair to smell like some kind of science fair experiment.

My hair with the Moisturizing Creme and Leave-In Conditioner in it.


I decided to do my favorite style, a braid-out. I usually achieve this big fluffy textured Afro look by applying a product that will give good hold and definition then either cornrowing my hair or putting in a few box braids. I rubbed the Curl Care Soft Hold Crème through my hair section by section as I braided my hair and then when each braid was finished, I rubbed the Frizz Control Serum down the length of each braid and put a satin-covered roller on the end.

My braids to set my style.

I don’t know how the style will turn out quite yet, but I honestly don’t anticipate any disasters. These two styling products feel like they will make my hair look good, but since they have that weird medicated smell like the others, I wouldn’t be surprised if they dried my hair out. Ugh…that will be something I’ll have to fix.

For me, the care a product gives my hair is paramount. Style is secondary because hair that isn’t cared for properly and becomes unhealthy due to using products that aren’t good won’t really look good either. I am not satisfied at all with the Curl Care products by Dr.Miracle’s. They don’t make my hair feel loved or cared for at all. These products seem to make the assumption that kinky/curly/wavy hair is “sick” and needs to be “cured” with a whole bunch of medicated goop. That’s not what’s up, Doc.

I’m sitting under the dryer now so I can possibly have a hairdo for work tomorrow, so I will post pictures the results of my braid out using the Curl Care by Dr.Miracles  styling products on Little Dirty Pretty Thangs in a day or two. But I can honestly say I wouldn’t recommend this line of  products to anyone. I definitely won’t be using them again. Curl Care is NOT what the “doctor” ordered for my hair.






Since its 2004 inception, Dr. Miracle’s, a leader in the ethnic personal care industry, has grown to market over
30 products highlighting the importance of repairing and enhancing one’s natural hair. After 7 successful years,
the brand now celebrates its evolution with a new logo, new packaging, and the affirmation that ‘Dr. Miracle’s
helps you get and keep healthy, beautiful hair’. Dr. Miracle’s products retail in the US, Canada, Caribbean,
Europe, Africa (Ghana, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Tanzania, Senegal). In the US, products are available
nationwide at local beauty and barber stores, national chains including Target, Wal*Mart, Kmart, Sally’s Beauty
Supply, CVS, Walgreens and Rite-Aid; and online at major drug chains websites and
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