“It’s My House And I Live Here”: Some Kinda Commenting Code, I Guess…

Over the last few weeks, my little blog here has gotten a lot of new attention. I’d definitely contribute that to the two nominations I received for the 2011 Black Weblog Awards. By the way, thanks to everyone who voted for Dirty Pretty Thangs. I truly appreciate it.

But with this added attention, there have been some down right nasty and combative people leaving/attempting to leave comments on my blog. I’ve been told “Shut up bitch” by some white girl with “two black friends”, called “tacky”, told by some belligerent member of the Beyonce Stan Club “fck you and this non sub par ass blog” that I’m running (just WTF does that mean anyway?)  and some man said I was reppin’ for the evil black women who won’t allow fathers to participate in their children’s lives (#WhoHurtYou? #DidSheSitAcrossFromYouInCourt?)…among other things in the last month. I find this disturbing and I’m going to just assume this is happening because I haven’t established any kind of commenting code on Dirty Pretty Thangs. I have never needed to up to this point. With that being said, let me very clear on some things that I don’t think people understand when they click on my website:

  • This is a PERSONAL BLOG. As in, I am a person. I am the one and only person writing it. I am the person giving their opinion: what I think about whatever subject it is I happen to be going on and on about at the time.
  • In the end, my opinion in this space is the only one that matters. Very harsh, but very true seeing as though this is a PERSONAL BLOG. While I do appreciate differing points of view because I believe they broaden my knowledge base and experiences, I don’t care so much about them that I will allow folks to come and verbally abuse me on my own blog. That would be tantamount to you coming int my house and talking smack to me in my living room and that just isn’t going to happen.


You're welcome here, but don't act ugly.

You can say what you want, but you will respect me or your comments won’t be published. I will not tolerate anybody being rude to me or any other people who leave comments on this blog.

  • If this is your first time commenting on my blog, YOUR COMMENT WILL BE HELD IN MODERATION AND AWAIT MY APPROVAL. That is a rule of thumb for me that allows me to see who is on what type of bullshyt, if any, when they frist initiate contact with me through this blog. Yes, I’m screening first comments for a lot of reasons, the main one being “because the fck I want to”. Please don’t assume that because your very first comment on this blog didn’t pop right up that I deleted it (as some rude person accused me of yesterday), and especially not because you didn’t agree with me. Agreeing with me is not a necessity on this blog. Common courtesy is. #ComplyOrGTFOH
  • If you feel like there are other more important issues that need to be discussed than what I’m discussing on my blog, by all means, go discuss it on your own blog. WordPress, Tumblr, Blogspot, Posterous, hell…even Facebook Notes…are all free. Procure yourself a space and get to it. I’d love to read about what you think should be discussed. In your space. Do not come here and presume to tell me what I should be blogging about. Check the banner up top. It says “Brought To You By The PBG” not, “By The Y-O-U”. As the lovely Diana Ross sang so long ago, “It’s My House And I Live Here”….

If you can respect that, then we’re all good. Say what you will. I won’t even be mad. But if you come here thinking this is the place for you to abuse me as the blogger and my Dedicated Readers, you will continue to be shut down by my comment moderation and when I get tired of doing that, you will be blocked. Carry that bullshiggity to one those raggedy ass gossip blogs, cuz I’m not even here for that.  And when I get sick of it ALL, I’ll close down comments altogether. Again, I don’t care about it that much. Feel free to discuss things on the Dirty Pretty Thangs Facebook Fan Page. Thanks!




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  • http://wordyless.com Wordyless

    I’m sorry you are dealing with rude behavior in your own space. That’s the one concern I have about people possibly taking notice of my blog.

    On my about page I have two tiny sentences that say “I invite you to comment on my musings. Only thoughtful and constructive criticism is welcome.” So far, no one has gotten too rowdy on my blog, but if they ever do, I’ll point them to this post and tell them to respect my home.

    Have a great day.

  • Gwen (@ashlee1969)

    Sorry that you are having to deal with rude, ignorant people :(

  • Crownie

    Them lil dusty shoes made me holler.

  • AI

    O_O Aw. Ok.

  • http://amymay117.com amymay117

    And Crownie takes note of the shoes… o_O

  • http://pinchmycheekie.wordpress.com/ Cheekie

    “fck you and this non sub par ass blog” that I’m running (just WTF does that mean anyway?)”

    LOL, seems like they were trying to call it a non-blog, but amongst the comma-strike they’re obviously going on, it looks like they called it non sub-par, which is… winning for you!

  • ChocL8Honey

    You did them a service by being nice. Someone like myself would’ve just told them to “Kiss the darkest side of my black *ss!” then proceed to blocking them permanently…

    But you’re better than me ;)

  • Ruby

    Preach on! Sorry you’ve had to deal with rude commenters.

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